Abby Ocampo

Abby Ocampo

Social Media Content Manager - Front Desk Professional

Abby Ocampo graduated with a BA in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno, emphasizing in Visual Communications and Media, in 2021. Beyond her academic pursuits, Abby has a solid foundation of practical experience with over five years in guest relations. She has proven her knack for forging solid and enduring relationships with clientele and understanding their needs on a nuanced level.

Apart from her professional achievements, Abby possesses a great zest for life, being an avid traveler. Her trips are often characterized by an eagerness to engage with new cultures, attend music festivals, and gain a deeper understanding of her surroundings. This interest in diverse cultures enables her to bring a unique perspective and creative ideas to her work.

Abby stands as a multi-faceted personality bringing in-depth knowledge, robust experience, and a vibrant energy into her professional role.

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