Nick Bailo

Nick Bailo's professional development began at Moler Barber College in Sacramento, where he spent significant time learning the foundational skills of barbering. In his following five years at Maxwell's Barbershop in Reno, he continued to build upon those skills, growing his expertise with every haircut.

What sets Nick apart in his work is his mastery of all types of fades. These precise, gradient-style haircuts require careful handiwork, and Nick has honed this skill to perfection. He's equally skilled at creating polished, professional haircuts and providing meticulous trims that meet the strict standards of military grooming. 

But his technique is only one facet of his expertise. Nick takes inspiration from styles and trends across the globe, drawing heavily from European barbering. He is also greatly inspired by the creativity and innovation of top industry professionals, and he brings that inspiration into his work every day.

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