Trea Oberhansli


Trea Oberhansli is a distinguished dual-licensed barber with a creative knack for varied hair styles. Trained at The Paul Mitchell School in Reno in 2013, Trea expanded his horizons by moving to Sacramento, CA, where he earned his barber license. With both a cosmetology and barber licenses under his belt, Trea showcases remarkable versatility, excelling in all haircuts ranging from fades and short styles to longer, more artistically challenging haircuts.

Prior to joining our team, Trea has built a strong reputation through working at several renowned barber shops in Reno, NV. His passion isn't limited to barbering alone; he enjoys tattoos, skateboarding, and music, particularly hip hop and punk rock. Trea’s booking schedule fills up rapidly, so be sure to secure a slot at the earliest to benefit from his unparalleled expertise.

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